The Smoke Exchange specializes in bringing authentically slow smoked, barbequed meat to your events.  What do we mean by authentic barbeque? We mean meat that is cooked low and slow with indirect heat, as opposed to being grilled directly over a fire.  Meat cooked in this way develop a pinkish-red "smoke ring" around the outer edges of the meat.  Why do we do it this way? Because foods cooked through this process also is generally more flavorful as the flavors have hours to incorporate into the meat.  Non-smoked items like burgers are also given the same love and attention and you will never see a frozen, pre-formed puck of meat hit our grill.  We only use the highest quality ingredients and generally source all of our meats and vegetables from specialty butchers and local farms.  Even the woods we use in our commercial smoker are hand selected and in some cases, hand cut by our master chef and proprietor, Anthony Valois.  

We Do IT The HArd Way.

Championship BBQ FOr Your Event

Classic Southern Cuisine

Plated Service

Award Winning Authentic Barbeque in NYC